Cloud mining with environmental concerns

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About company

SOLARACCESS UK LTD is a company that moves with the times.

Being engaged in the production of electricity on solar panels, we came to the conclusion that innovative technologies rule the world. That is why the work of our data center is carried out on green energy, and specifically on solar batteries. We believe that everyone should have access to all the possibilities of the modern world, so we provide our technologies for your use. Mining is available for you on the main existing algorithms.

Since 2010, our company has been producing green electricity thanks to solar panels, but thanks to the rapid development of technologies, including the fast-growing cryptocurrency market, we have decided to start developing in this direction.

Having gathered the best IT specialists, cryptocurrencies and engineers under our starting point, starting from 2018, we are rapidly developing in the direction of Blockchain technologies. And, today, SOLARACCESS UK LTD works only with the best equipment and with the most stable cryptocurrencies. Acting in the conditions of regular changes in the cryptocurrency market, we constantly conduct its research and have complete information for your success and protection. In addition, such a system of work allows you, as our client, to regularly increase profitability from cloud mining. Daily payments and profitability of our service, which is more than 90% per month, speaks about this much more precisely and more eloquently than any words.

The reputation of the company is important for us, which means that our cloud mining service is under the constant control of the team and guarantees the security of your investments. Our data center is located in Dorset. We are one of the largest suppliers of cloud mining computing in the UK and the only company that offers environmentally friendly solar mining.

We work not in conditions of tough competition in the market, but for our clients!

Our advantages

  • Clean Energy
  • Official corporation
  • Stable income
  • DDOS server protection
  • Affiliate program
  • Comodo Security Certificates
  • Complete privacy
  • Daily Payments

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Like many operating companies in the field of cloud mining, we provide an opportunity to make a profit not only from the direct functionality of the service, but also through an affiliate program. After registering with SOLARACCESS UK LTD, you will receive a unique referral link that you can share to attract new users. New investor for us - additional income for you. Thus, our system will accumulate and update information about the joined miners by your referral link.
At that moment, when your referral will make a purchase of power on our service, you get 10% of the amount paid by him, in addition, you get 5 MH / S for each attracted user. Our affiliate program is single-level and easy to understand, which does not entail the opportunity to find any pitfalls. Also, you can not worry about the probability of its transformation into a network pyramid. You just get your percentage from us for personally invited investors. Agree, such a simple, but effective offer to increase your own profit cannot be unattractive. We can assure you that our goals are to provide every person with an opportunity to get a decent profit in the demanded cryptocurrency market, which does not depend on its geographic location or main activity, and develop the most extensive partner network in every part of the world. Thus, to earn on the affiliate program and even create your own cryptocurrency team within our company can each client of the company, including those who do not have their own active deposit. Just register in the system and send the invitation with a special link.



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  • I work with your service for a very short time, before I tried several and decided to stay on it. The biggest advantage that I noticed right away was that you start earning the very next day after buying the hashrate. Very convenient personal account, which is also important for me. I consider the affiliate program a big plus! You do not need to invite friends of your friends and build up some kind of pyramid, you only get a percentage from personally invited new users. In just a few days, a pretty decent amount came out in addition to the main mining. Everything is simple and without tangled stories.

    Rose Leslie

  • I will say this: the service, though young, has already won confidence. Personally, I came here on the recommendation. Registration is easy, contact details are not used anywhere except this service. Signed a contract and received the ordered capacity in about an hour, and the first profit came at the beginning of the second day of use. A big plus is that you can start with a small amount and a small hashrate, and then build up as you like. With the withdrawal of funds to the online wallet has not yet had problems, the amount comes clear and on time. The only time, as for me, is very literate, there are no automatic payments. The support explained that this is for security purposes from hacking. Any conclusion is confirmed by me personally and the details are checked. By the way, tech support responds quickly, responds to questions clearly and affordably. There is also a very detailed statistics on your personal account, and it is available in real time, you can always track how your power works.

    Daniel Palmer

  • I did not find any special discussions on this project in the network, but I came to the referral link of my friend. I started with the minimum hashrate to protect myself in the first stage. And when he was already convinced of the honesty and serviceability of the service, he slowly began to increase capacity. Now my profit is higher here than on other projects. It is clear that the most important thing for any client is the withdrawal of funds. There is no problem with this. If there is a minimum amount on your account, you can withdraw it to your e-wallet at any time. Checked on myself. There were no failures, there was always support and there were no taboo topics in communication to think that they were hiding something. In your account, you can also manually distribute the power between the pools in order to work as efficiently as possible. All payments, receipts to a personal account and conclusions are also available for viewing. It turns out it is easy to track both your actions and the actions of the project. In general, I recommend to try, the yield is high.

    William Harris

  • I was attracted by two facts: the first is that the project does not promise mountains of gold and even the affiliate program is single-level, and the second is working on green energy, this means the cost of the project itself is much lower, respectively, you can count on great benefits for me as a client. In the end, I decided to try to mine here, because my previous attempts were successful only until a certain time, then there were problems (most often with the withdrawal of funds). After working with this service, I identified several major advantages. First, the presence and active work of the data center is confirmed. Secondly, payments are made consistently and on time. Thirdly, free equipment is always available and it is allocated very quickly after the conclusion of the contract.

    Louise Jersey